Healthwatch Hub

Beat-It agreed to become a Healthwatch Hub in March 2016.  As such we are part of the Healthwatch Lincolnshire Network to help give feedback about local health and social care services.  The idea being that this enables your voice to be heard much quicker and directly to those who need to hear it.

To help with feedback, Healthwatch occasionally publish surveys which patients are invited to take part in.  To this end, if anyone would like to take part please follow the link below:

NHS Immunisation and Screening Survey

8 of 10 people miss vital immunisations and screening which could prevent ill health!

We would like to find out about your experiences.


Complete the survey online at or telephone Healthwatch on 01205 820 892 to get a paper copy sent to you.


There are 3 parts to the Survey – complete the parts that are relevant to you or your family!

Section 1      Child NHS Immunisations

Section 2      Adult NHS Screening

Section 3      Adult NHS Immunisations


workstation-150503_640[1]The survey closes on 31 October 2016