Ready For An Emergency

On 27th September, the Beat-It meeting focussed on what constitutes as an emergency and as part of this presentation we considered how to be prepared for an emergency.

The following link signposts to the form which forms part of The Lions Club "Message in a Bottle" which can be accessed by the emergency services.

Fridge bottles can be obtained from your local Lions Club. More information is here

As well we considered the use of medical jewellery which can be sourced online.  Chemists and doctors surgeries often have information too.

One popular site is

We also looked at cards that can be printed to go in purses/wallets.  An example is here


Please note: we cannot endorse any supplier listed here but supply the information in good faith that you will do your own research and make your own informed decisions.  

We hope you enjoyed the meeting and will look forward to seeing everyone on 6th December for our Christmas meeting and third birthday!!!