In 2020 we will be focussing on lifestyle issues connected to Heart Health helping you with those areas that you may want to improve but need a little support to do so.

4th March 2020, 6 pm, Grantham Hospital
You are What You Eat: Diet and Your Heart
Dr Richard Andrews - Consultant Cardiologist, Lincoln Hospital

Saturday 7th March 2020
Health Walk

The walking group will be meeting at 10 am meeting at Wyndham Park in Grantham. Please remember this is a member led activity without any clinical support so walkers walk at their own risk and should consult their healthcare professional if they are not sure about anything. For those who do meet, the feedback has been really favourable with people saying they are enjoying meeting likeminded people whilst enjoying a stroll at the same time. The walks normally culminate in refreshments in a local cafe.

17th June 2020
Heart Function: Use it or Lose it!
Simon Mark Daley and Christopher Rudge
Our two new recruits to the clinical team, cardiology advanced clinical practioners, Simon and Chris, will be talking on the benefits of exercise for a healthy heart.  More information to follow.

23rd September 2020, 6 pm, Grantham Hospital
Let's Do This! Embracing Lifestyle Change
Virginia C Dellow, Lifespan Solutions Facilitator
With a background in health psychology and coaching this talk by Virginia Dellow will look at how we can motivate ourself to make the changes we need to make to live better and how to sustain those changes for a healthier future.

2nd December 2020, 6 pm, Grantham Hosptial
Christmas Meeting